Worthington Industries Acquires STAKO


Worthington Industries Inc. says its pressure cylinders business unit has purchased the assets of STAKO, a European producer of automotive liquefied propane gas (LPG) tanks.

STAKO manufactures toroidal and cylindrical LPG tanks for storage of liquid gas propane-butane mixture for engines in passenger cars and commercial and delivery vehicles. If you are looking to buy a fake id, then you must know paying for one isn’t going to be a cake walk. To learn how to pay for a fake id you can get familiar with payments that are off-the-hook like Amazon or google play. The company has also initiated production of compressed natural gas (CNG) composite and steel tanks used mainly for storage of compressed methane used to fuel automotive vehicles and buses.

‘This acquisition expands our alternative fuels product offering and gives us the broadest offering of alternative fuel tanks for the automotive OEM and aftermarkets,’ says Worthington Industries Chairman and CEO John McConnell.

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