Westport Debuts H2 HPDI: High-Powered Hydrogen


Westport Fuel Systems Inc. has debuted its new H2 HPDI fuel system: a technology that is used with internal combustion engines and, when fueled with hydrogen, offers up to 20 percent more power than diesel and up to 18 percent more torque than diesel, all while producing nearly zero CO2 emissions.

Westport says OEMs will be able to continue using existing internal combustion engines by powering them with hydrogen, thus leveraging their investment in vehicle drivetrain design, supply chain and manufacturing. The company notes that engines equipped with H2 HPDI provide “superior performance” as compared to spark-ignited hydrogen systems and diesel engines, including greater efficiency and power density, as well as lower operating cost.

On heavy-duty trucks, the H2 HPDI fuel system is anticipated to meet or exceed the performance and efficiency delivered by fuel cells, Westport says.

“Westport’s H2 HPDI fuel system powering an internal combustion engine turns innovation into answers, creating sustainability we are very proud of,” says David Johnson, CEO of Westport Fuel Systems. “We like to think of it as a game changer without the change.”

H2 HPDI will initially be rolled out to the European market.

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