Wayne CNG Dispenser Offers Integrated Pay-At-The-Pump Options


Wayne, a business unit of GE, says it has installed its first compressed natural gas (CNG) dispenser featuring in-dispenser payment capability. The unit is at a CNG Texas fueling station in Dallas.

‘After spending several months researching less satisfactory dispenser options, we found the new Wayne design and jumped at the opportunity to deploy it,’ says Lynn Laughlin, president of CNG Station Contractors LLC and operator of the Dallas station.

The Wayne Vista CNG dispenser allows CNG station owners to have the ‘same look and feel and payment options that petroleum dispensers offer their customers, creating a familiar fueling experience,’ the company says. The dispenser provides the same payment terminal, dispenser interfaces and PCI-compliant in-dispenser terminal options as Wayne petroleum dispensers in order to facilitate point-of-sale integration.

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