Volvo Buses Introducing Volvo 7900 Hybrid-Electric Transit Bus


Volvo Buses is launching its Volvo 7900 electric-hybrid full-size bus, which has been shown to reduce fuel consumption and carbon-dioxide emissions by up to 75%, compared to a conventional diesel bus.

Volvo says a number of public transportation fleets in Europe, where the model will be initially rolled out, have already signed contracts to acquire Volvo 7900 buses. Three Volvo electric-hybrids were deployed in Gothenburg, Sweden, over the past year to verify the reduction in energy consumption and emissions.

The plug-in hybrid electric technology that is used in the Volvo 7900 enables the bus to run in all-electric mode during approximately 70% of the average route. It takes approximately six minutes for the bus to achieve a full charge, the company notes.

Fleets in Hamburg, Luxembourg and Stockholm are expected to receive the buses in 2014 and 2015, and serial production is scheduled to begin in early 2016.

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