Volta Trucks, Siemens Provide Customers with Fleet Electrification Options


Volta Trucks and Siemens Smart Infrastructure have signed a letter of intent outlining a cooperation to deliver comprehensive eMobility charging infrastructure and software to Volta Trucks customers to simplify, de-risk and accelerate their transition to commercial fleet electrification.

The partnership combines Volta Trucks’ solution to commercial vehicle fleet electrification and operational expertise through its Truck as a Service offer and Siemens’ global experience in electric vehicle (EV) support solutions. This includes software control systems, facility electrification, charging infrastructure, energy management, building equipment and project finance. The partnership will seek to support Volta Trucks’ customers by providing infrastructure for full electrification aligned with their operational needs.

The technical infrastructure of the charging installations for Volta Trucks’ Truck as a Service customers would be overseen by Siemens. This includes the hardware and software required to operate the charging and power distribution infrastructure for fleets of Volta Zeros. Volta Trucks’ customers could also achieve higher uptime with minimum expenditure, through Siemens’ performance management platform. This optimization approach is powered by advanced analytical and simulation models and considers factors such as fleet duty cycles, charging times, battery life, optimal utilization and costs, and asset management. 

The Volta Zero is a purpose-built, full-electric 16-ton commercial vehicle designed for urban distribution. The truck has been designed from the ground-up as a full EV.

“Through our partnership with Volta Trucks, we intend to co-create Transportation as a Service solutions, and deliver Volta Trucks’ customers higher uptime, a commitment to reliability through performance-based contracts, and reduced energy expenditure,” says Thomas Kiessling, chief technology officer of Siemens Smart Infrastructure. “As commercial fleets look to meet sustainability goals and deliver cost effective, robust infrastructure solutions, we are pleased to be able to partner with Volta Trucks.”

“I am delighted that Volta Trucks will be working with Siemens to bring industry-leading charging infrastructure solutions for our Truck as a Service customers,” continues Essa Al-Saleh, CEO of Volta Trucks. “To deliver the electrification of urban logistics at pace and scale, we need operationally efficient electrification infrastructure aligned to the exact requirement of each fleet. In Siemens, we have a world-class partner with the innovative technical solutions our customers will expect. Together, we are confident that our partnership will accelerate the migration to electrification.”

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