Vision Fleet Added to GSA Schedule to Provide EV Fleet Solutions


Vision Fleet has been added to the General Services Administration (GSA) schedule to provide solutions for electric vehicle (EV) deployment in federal fleets. Federal agencies now have access to Vision Fleet’s Total Cost of Ownership Miles-as-a-Service (TCO MaaS) solution, bundling all the costs of owning an electric vehicle into a cost-effective per-mile rate.

“The Vision Fleet model is blazing a national trail for government entities to decrease dependence on fossil fuels, increase efficiency, and equip employees with cleaner vehicles powered by cutting-edge technology,” says Vision Fleet CEO Michael Brylawski.

Vision Fleet says it provides a simple pathway to deployment of EV fleets and customers benefit from competitive and predictable pricing for a block of company-provided vehicles. Vision Fleet is added to the GSA schedule under a five-year contract as a provider of transportation, delivery and relocation solutions.

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