VIA Motors, AT Motors Partner to Develop UDEVs


VIA Motors, an electric drive systems and urban delivery vehicle company, has partnered with AT Motors to co-develop and produce a range of Class 2 to 5 urban delivery electric vehicles (UDEVs) that address fleet owners’ primary motivators for electrifying fleets, including sustainability, increased operating time and lower cost of ownership.

The partnership will launch a line of UDEV’s in Mexico. As part of this agreement, AT Motors will be responsible for assembly and support sales and distribution in Mexico.

“We have seen the market respond dramatically to such entrants as Tesla, Rivian and Nikola – and now working trucks and vans just got a lot smarter. They are clean, quiet and efficient,” says Bob Purcell, CEO of VIA Motors.

“AT Motors is an ideal strategic partner for VIA Motors in Mexico. We are honored and excited to be partnering with them. This agreement enables VIA to execute on our strategy with the launch of an expanded portfolio of UDEV’s to meet the specific needs and requirements of our customers in Mexico,” he adds. 

Photo: A representation of UDEVs

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