Va. Transit Agency Touts CNG, Promotes Clean Energy


As part of its “Did You Know?” educational advertising campaign, the Greater Richmond Transit Co. (GRTC) has wrapped its compressed natural gas (CNG) buses, along with others in its fleet, with messages highlighting key facts about its use of CNG and how the transit agency is impacting the community.

GRTC says there are a total of nine messages, and among them are the following:

  • GRTC Has The Largest Compressed Natural Gas Transit Fleet In Virginia
  • GRTC Riders Eliminate 18 Million Pounds of Greenhouse Gas Annually
  • This Bus Takes 56 Cars Off The Road (message on motor coach buses)

According to the transit agency, GRTC is committed to transitioning retiring vehicles to new CNG-powered buses and vans, an initiative that earned GRTC the 2015 Governor’s Green Fleet of the Year Award.

GRTC says it has the largest CNG transit fleet in the Commonwealth, with 84 CNG vehicles in fixed-route (42) and paratransit (42) service, accounting for nearly 40% of GRTC’s entire fleet. In 2017, GRTC expects its number of CNG vehicles to grow to more than 110, accounting for about half of the entire fleet.

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