US Hybrid Rolls Out Natural Gas-Electric Class 8 Powertrain


US Hybrid has debuted its near-zero-emission natural gas-powered parallel hybrid-electric powertrain, aimed mainly at the drayage and long-haul trucking sector.

US Hybrid says the vehicle-agnostic technology delivers more power, increased range and a more efficient powertrain than diesel-powered engines or other CNG or renewable natural gas (RNG) alternatives. The powertrain offers 640 hp combined power and 1,770 lb-ft of maximum torque from the 8.9-liternatural gas-powered engine and the electric motor.

In terms of vehicle range, preliminary testing suggests the technology can deliver up to 1,000 miles of range per fuel fill, according to US Hybrid.

In addition, the new CNG/RNG parallel hybrid powertrain features optional vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) charging technology. This industry-first, advanced technology will add near-zero-emission road-side charging assistance to standard long-haul fleet operators, offering versatility and convenience to fleet customers.

“We have reached another milestone on our path to accelerate the transition to commercial electrification across the transit and transportation value chain,” says Macy Neshati, interim CEO of US Hybrid. “US Hybrid spends years perfecting our technology before it is brought to market. Our pathway to commercialization delivers a proven solution backed by data. Fleet customers can feel confident in the performance and reliability of US Hybrid’s new powertrain.”

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