Universal EV Chargers Wins NEVI Grants to Boost Charging Infrastructure


Universal EV Chargers LLC has been awarded significant funding through the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program to bolster electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Pennsylvania and Kentucky.

The NEVI program, established by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration, aims to foster the development and expansion of zero-emission vehicle charging and refueling infrastructure nationwide. Universal EV Chargers has been chosen as a recipient of these grants, signifying its dedication to advancing the adoption of EVs and supporting renewable energy generation, storage and electrical grid infrastructure.

“We are thrilled to be entrusted with this funding, as it aligns perfectly with our mission of promoting a sustainable future through accessible and reliable EV charging solutions,” says Hemal Doshi, owner of Universal EV Chargers. “These grants will enable us to further our efforts in providing non-proprietary, open-access EV charging stations that are both publicly available and accessible to authorized commercial motor vehicle operators. Our aim is to create an interconnected network that promotes data collection, accessibility, and reliability.”

“Our commitment to supporting alternative fuel corridors and expanding EV charging availability is unwavering,” adds Shwet Shah, the project engineer for Universal EV Chargers. “We are not only focused on the current needs of EV owners but also on future growth and demand. This grant will significantly enhance our capabilities to establish a robust and well-maintained EV charging network.”

The NEVI Formula Program offers funding for up to 80% of eligible project costs, including the acquisition, installation, and network connection of EV charging stations, proper operation and maintenance, and long-term data-sharing. It is essential for these stations to be non-proprietary and located along designated Alternative Fuel Corridors.

Universal EV Chargers also plans to seek additional grants to expand its reach and further contribute to the sustainable EV infrastructure development in various states.

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