TruStar Building CNG Station in Central Indiana


TruStar Energy has initiated development of a new public-access, fast-fill compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling station for the Muncie Sanitary District in Muncie, Ind.

The station will initially serve the city's own refuse truck fleet, which numbers 12 units. All of these trucks are in the process of being shifted to run on CNG. Additionally, the Muncie Police Department has already converted one of its police cruisers to CNG, and other city departments are examining the switch to natural gas for their own fleet vehicles.

‘We look forward to watching the process in the coming months, and we can't wait to see this station and have one of our city or county vehicles be the first one to pull up to be fueled,’ said Muncie Mayor Dennis Taylor.

TruStar's station will feature a pair of 200 hp CNG compressors from Ariel Corp., yielding approximately 6 GGE of CNG per minute. Two dual-hose fast-fill CNG dispensers and on-site gas storage are also part of the facility.

The company notes that the station is pegged for completion in May.

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