True Zero and Linde Boost California Hydrogen Refueling Capacity


In a move to ready California for the next generation of fuel cell electric vehicles, Linde is outfitting True Zero’s newest retail hydrogen fueling stations with its Cryo Pump 3.0/90.

True Zero, the retail brand of FirstElement Fuel Inc., currently operates 19 retail hydrogen stations throughout California. The facilities are dedicated to serving light-duty fuel cell vehicles.

“Our hydrogen fueling solutions are highly efficient, meet the highest safety standards and deliver the lowest total cost of ownerships per kilogram of hydrogen,” says Werner Ponikwar, head of hydrogen mobility solutions at Linde. “California is a pioneer in hydrogen mobility – also thanks to the crucial funding granted by the California Energy Commission. We are proud to contribute our long-lasting experience and prove, together with True Zero as a strong partner, that hydrogen is the way forward.”

Linde says its Cryo Pump 3.0/90 will be the core component in True Zero’s newest fueling stations. According to Linde, it provides several benefits over the technology of earlier generations of fueling stations – namely, increased capacity at lower operating costs and a smaller footprint.

“This is a major leap forward in scaling up the adoption of fuel cell electric vehicles and improving our planet,” says Joel Ewanick, CEO of True Zero. “Linde’s technology provides a significant increase of refueling station capacity, and with that, we see a path to retailing hydrogen fuel at cost parity with gasoline. This next-generation True Zero station will ultimately enhance the customer experience as people refuel with clean hydrogen. It will deliver more hydrogen to drivers of zero-emission fuel cell vehicles each day, and it will refuel cars simultaneously to reduce customer wait times.”

The True Zero hydrogen refueling network extends the length of the state of California from San Diego to Lake Tahoe, with clusters of stations concentrated in the principal early-adopter markets of Los Angeles, Orange County and the San Francisco Bay Area.

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