Toyota and Hino Testing Fuel Cell Bus on Public Routes in Tokyo


In the next stage of development for their previously revealed fuel cell bus, Toyota Motor Corp. and Hino Motors Ltd. have announced they will carry out field tests in Tokyo from July 24 to July 30, with hopes to accelerate technological development of the bus and bring it to market.

The companies jointly developed the vehicle based on a Hino hybrid non-step route bus, as well as on Toyota's fuel cell system developed for the Mirai hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle.

The fuel cell bus features eight high-pressure hydrogen tanks, two fuel cell stacks and two motors to provide increased output. The bus also has a system for supplying electric power to buildings and other facilities during emergencies.

The partners say these field tests in Tokyo will help determine the practicality of the bus for use in public transport networks, as well as evaluate the efficacy of its external power supply system during widespread power outages caused by natural disasters. The tests will be carried out with the cooperation of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

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