Torc Supporting C.R. England Autonomous Trucking Pilot Program


Torc Robotics, an independent subsidiary of Daimler Truck AG and specialist in commercializing self-driving vehicle technology, is collaborating with transportation company C.R. England to implement a pilot program leveraging C.R. England’s temperature-controlled loads and Torc’s fleet of Level 4 autonomous test trucks for long-haul applications.

Information from the pilot will help guide the development and ongoing commercialization of autonomous trucks for long-haul applications. Initial planning will begin mid-2023, with on-road tests soon after.

“Torc is thrilled to be partnering with C.R. England to better improve long-haul trucking safety for one of the premium service providers and largest refrigerated carriers in the nation,” says Peter Vaughan Schmidt, Torc Robotics’ CEO. “The data derived from the pilot will contribute to our safety and validation efforts and use cases for autonomous trucking.”

“We believe this innovation will eventually provide the ability to expand our network safely, with high levels of service to our customers, all while enhancing the quality of existing driver jobs,” adds Chad England, C.R. England’s CEO. “Specifically, by adding autonomous lanes to our network, we can expand our customer offerings and create more structured jobs for drivers at both ends of autonomous runs. Torc’s deep integration with Daimler Truck AG makes our two organizations a perfect fit for piloting this new technology.”

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