Superior Energy Systems Receives Certification for Autogas Dispensers


Superior Energy Systems has received the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) retail certification for its propane autogas dispensers. This certification allows the company to sell its propane autogas dispensers to customers that wish to install them in a public setting for full retail use.

NTEP requires the fuel industry to submit prototype measuring devices for rigorous evaluation to determine whether they meet uncertainties associated with intended final use in the marketplace, and all “legal for trade” devices must pass these evaluations. In addition, Superior Energy Systems autogas dispensers hold certifications and approvals from the National Conference of Weights and Measures, Measurement Canada and the Canadian Standards Association.

“We have watched the retail autogas market gradually open as the number of states removing training and infrastructure barriers grows,” says Derek Rimko, vice president of operations for Superior Energy Systems. “Our retail certification is an additional step to making autogas a more conventionally used fuel for both fleets and the general public.”

While propane autogas usage continues to grow for fleets, consumer adoption requires available infrastructure. The availability of private, public and state propane association grants for retail propane autogas infrastructure has increased in recent years. Superior Energy Systems customer CHS Inc. launched its Propane-Powered Rebate Program last year, which offers rebate dollars towards the purchase of retail refueling dispensers.

The retail certification comes as Superior Energy Systems continues to advance its autogas refueling technology. New onboard diagnostics offer enhanced service capability and increased reliability with the company’s own in-house software, which does not rely on third-party support. These features allow for affordable, reliable and advanced refueling for autogas wholesale fleet and retail customers throughout North America. The certification also allows fleet customers the ability to offer retail refueling at their locations, increasing profit as well as autogas usage.

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