Sunray Motors Debuts Solar Hybrid Vehicle System for Better Gas Mileage


Sunray Motors has created and completed testing of a solar hybrid conversion unit that can be installed onto any gasoline vehicle to immediately provide extended miles per gallon (mpg) range and reduce emissions.

The company has extensively tested over 15,000 miles of actual driving and performed automotive dynamometer testing. The final results with the installed Sunray Motors unit averages 33 mpg city, 36 mpg highway and peaking up to 41 mpg highway on a full-size SUV, which originally averaged 11 mpg city and 15 mpg highway. That’s an increase of over 250% more miles per gallon, utilizing solar as the catalyst.

“This is real technology that is actually working with a serious development path for advancement,” states co-founder Michael Ring. “A lot of companies in this space or in the electric vehicle space only have concepts that aren’t real or working, and many companies are building new vehicles, but what of the old ones? Something needs to be done about them.”

“Our device is a self-contained system that includes a solar panel that goes on top of your vehicle, a custom high-density power supply, grid charger and fuel cells,” explains Charles Wang, Sunray Motors’ co-founder. “The sun will be one of the primary power sources for our technology to give your vehicle the extended mileage and has the option of being grid charged. This device does not electrically draw power from the host vehicle.”

Because vehicles are so much more efficient with the solar hybrid conversion unit and achieving so many more miles per each gallon, the emissions immediately drop.

The company is preparing to manufacture the technology at scale.

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