Start-Up Envisions ‘Thousands of Small, Networked H2 Outlets’


Hydrogen-XT Inc. has announced the development of its proprietary hydrogen refueling technology, as well as a new tool that will enable operators of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to easily identify where hydrogen refueling stations are located.

The company says its software locates hydrogen stations and displays fuel availability, reserves the amount a customer wants, routes customers to the selected station, and then completes the transaction, all on a smartphone or ‘infotainment’ system.

Also, a ‘key element’ of the solution is a ‘small, inexpensive fueling station that reforms hydrogen from natural gas.’ The idea is to install ‘thousands of small, networked H2 outlets [at] existing gas stations, corner stores and parking lots across America.’

Hydrogen-XT is led by energy industry software engineer Robert Wise and energy industry procurement specialist Kenneth Templeton.

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