Star Charge Will Expand with Ohio EV Charger Manufacturing Plant


Star Charge, a provider of electric vehicle charging infrastructure that has delivered up to 2 million EV chargers in more than 60 countries, plans to establish a new manufacturing plant in Columbus, Ohio.

The decision to set up in central Ohio is driven by a favorable business environment, reasonable operational costs, a robust supply chain and attractive government incentives. The plant is set to commence production in the first quarter of 2024.

This factory will see an initial production capacity of over 20,000 chargers annually, incorporating a range of AC, DC and bi-directional chargers, spanning from 7 kW to 480 kW, particularly designed to meet the needs of applications including school buses, commercial fleets and public charging stations. The Ohio plant will manufacture NEVI (Next-Generation Electric Vehicle Infrastructure)-ready DC fast chargers, including the Titan 150 KW and Neptune split system models. Providing more than 97% efficiency and intelligent dynamic load management features, these chargers contribute to the operational efficiency of charging stations.

“The U.S. is one of the largest EV markets and is expected to continuously grow over the next decade,” says Herman Chang, CEO of Star Charge. “Establishing our new facility in Ohio aligns with our commitment and is crucial to our company strategy.

“Alongside this new plant, we are actively seeking to engage with local talents, foster strategic partnerships and establish dedicated service teams to enhance our operations and accessibility to our US customers,” adds Chang. “Our goal is to work with our U.S. customers to explore innovative solutions that drive e-mobility adoption and microgrids for a sustainable future.”

Star Charge operates manufacturing facilities in China, Vietnam and the U.S. To contribute to the energy transition toward a more sustainable future, the company focuses on evolving its solutions through innovative technology in the e-mobility sector, aiming to build a mobile and efficient energy network.

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