Southern Company, Volta Debut Software for Commercial Fleet Transitioning


Having worked with Volta Inc. previously on optimizing electric vehicle (EV) siting analytics, Southern Company and Volta are launching PredictEV Fleet, a product that will allow Southern Company to inform and advise customers on the right fleet electrification strategy to meet their needs in the most efficient way.

PredictEV Fleet analyzes data on existing vehicle fleets and premises to identify key planning components such as a range of recommended EVs to replace internal combustion engine vehicles with similar specifications. It shows optimal EV supply equipment (EVSE) to serve the fleet’s charging needs, estimated costs and savings with a calculation of total cost ownership, and carbon mitigation implication by shifting to EVs. The product also provides information on the integration of applicable rebates and incentives, such as federal, state and utility programs.

“Nearly one in every five vehicles in the U.S. is owned by a company, making fleet electrification an important business opportunity and a critical component to a carbon-free transportation future for all,” says Drew Bennett, executive vice president of network operations at Volta. “Our fleet product enables data-driven electrification planning for both fleet operators and the utilities that serve them to ensure strategies are future-proof and efficient.”

Southern Company expects to use the product to guide its plans to meet rising EV demand and to create new EV product offerings for its customers.

“We’re talking to customers everyday about future electric transportation needs and the ‘why’ is usually clear – customers see electric transportation as a way to lower costs and achieve their sustainability objectives,” states Chris Cummiskey, chief commercial and customer solutions officer at Southern Company. “But there’s still some uncertainty around the ‘how, what and when.’ We see PredictEV Fleet, and our partnership with Volta, as a tool for our customers to start answering those questions. This is one of several investments in innovation we are making to bring sustainability solutions to our customers – and to our own businesses.”

In 2020, Southern Company announced an internal fleet electrification goal to convert 50% of its electric companies’ light-duty vehicles and equipment to electric by 2030. Southern Company is a founding partner of the venture capital firm Energy Impact Partners (EIP) and collaborates with EIP portfolio companies to bring technology and business model innovation, like PredictEV Fleet.

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