Southern Company Gas Adds Leadership to Reinforce Importance of Natural Gas


Southern Company Gas, a wholly owned subsidiary of Atlanta-based Southern Company, has added three new leadership positions and created two new departments, Sustainability & Innovation and Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), to support its continued commitment to addressing climate change and to reinforce the importance of natural gas in a sustainable energy future.

“While Southern Company Gas has long been an industry leader in methane reductions, infrastructure modernization and strategic partnerships, we recognize that there is still more to be done to guarantee clean, safe, reliable, affordable energy for generations to come,” says John Hudson, executive vice president of external affairs. 

“We are positioned now to focus our efforts more closely on how we operate, invest and innovate to address the climate crisis while maintaining value for our customers and our shareholders,” he adds.

The Sustainability and Innovation Group will be led by Joanne Mello, who has been named director of sustainability and energy policy. In this role, Mello will oversee the company’s sustainability and innovation strategy by aligning efforts conducted across the business and strengthening partnerships with external industry groups and stakeholders. As part of this effort, Southern Company Gas is committed to continuing to play a role in reducing the carbon emissions associated with natural gas usage and promoting broader sustainability efforts, supporting the key role that natural gas plays in a clean energy future.

Greg Jones has been named director of Climate & Environmental Policy. In this role, he will lead the company’s greenhouse gas emission initiatives and will direct the company’s participation in environmental rulemaking, legislation and policy initiatives. 

The RNG Group will be directed by Robin Lanier. In this role, she will develop and execute an effective strategy for growing Southern Company Gas’ RNG capabilities, a critical component in the company’s sustainability strategy. Lanier will plan, monitor and manage the company’s RNG advancements.

RNG is a sustainable and interchangeable substitute for geologic natural gas. It is a carbon neutral energy source, not a fossil fuel, that can be derived from existing waste streams, such as those at farms, landfills and water resource recovery facilities, or produced with renewable electricity. RNG sourced from agriculture and waste management provides cross-sector environmental benefits.

Photo: Southern Company Gas’ Environment web page

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