Shyft Group Introducing New Last-Mile Electric Delivery Vehicle


The Shyft Group says it is unveiling an electric delivery vehicle on its Class 3 EV chassis, using the company’s proprietary Work-Driven Design process. The EV is a purpose-built walk-in delivery van that will deliver optimal driver ergonomics and user experience, the company notes.

Vehicle prototypes are expected to reach customers for route testing in the coming months, with production expected to begin by mid-2023.

“Unable to find a viable EV chassis option in the market, we decided to build our own,” says Shyft Group CEO Daryl Adams. “We developed our proof of concept by leveraging nearly 50 years of experience in custom chassis production and last-mile delivery and will put prototypes in our customers’ hands for testing and validation in the 2nd half of 2022. Leveraging the infrastructure that supports our coast-to-coast manufacturing and service footprint, we’re poised to produce at scale to support the sharply rising demand for last-mile delivery vehicles as well as our customers’ carbon-neutral goals.”

Shyft is also helping customers in the transition to electric vehicle fleet management by providing an purpose-built, portable power cube, which will also be featured at the show.

Shyft’s proprietary battery-powered chassis features customizable length and wheelbase, making it well-suited to serve a wide range of medium-duty trucks. The chassis’ modular design will accommodate multiple GVWR classifications, based on build-out and usage. The lithium-ion battery packs provide an approximate range of 150 to 175 miles with the opportunity to enhance range through expanded battery options.

With a high degree of configurability, the all-electric chassis is adaptable to last-mile delivery, work truck, mass transit, recreational vehicle and other emerging EV markets.

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