Shoddy NGV Work Causes House Fire, Underscores Importance of Safety


A home in North Logan, Utah, caught fire early Wednesday morning, and local officials have said that the incident was likely the result of a fuel leak from a natural gas vehicle that was parked in the home's garage.

North Logan Fire Marshal Jason Killinen confirmed that the homeowner, who is also the vehicle's owner, was performing repairs on the NGV prior to the fire breaking out. The vehicle is a Ford Expedition with a retrofitted compressed natural gas (CNG) conversion system.

‘It is believed the repairs were not successful, which caused natural gas to leak from the vehicle's tank until an ignition source was contacted a short distance from the vehicle,’ Killinen said in a press release.

He told NGT News that the vehicle's owner discovered a small gas leak at a regulator in the engine compartment and attempted to make the repair himself. The CNG tank – a fiber-wound cylinder located in the SUV's cargo compartment – was not breached and did not explode.

Killinen also noted that although NGVs are prevalent in North Logan, which is about 50 miles north of Salt Lake City, this is the first fire involving an NGV that he has encountered.

The home, located on E. 1980 N in North Logan, was left uninhabitable, but no one was injured.

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