Sharp Energy Builds Propane Autogas Fueling Station for Fleets


Sharp Energy Inc., a propane retailer on the Delmarva Peninsula and a subsidiary of Chesapeake Utilities Corp., says it has built and placed into service a propane autogas fueling station for fleet vehicles located near the Baltimore/Washington International Airport.

According to the retailer, the new station will provide propane fueling for airport shuttles, school bus companies and commercial fleets.

“We’re excited to add this propane fueling station to the company’s growing network of clean, reliable and affordable energy options,” says Elaine B. Bittner, chief operating officer of Sharp Energy Inc. “Our autogas stations support Chesapeake Utilities’ environmental initiatives in supplying propane, a clean-burning alternative fuel, to the rapidly growing number of fleet vehicles in the area.”

MBG Enterprise, a Baltimore-area school bus company that has already begun using the new autogas station to power 10 school buses, will be displacing more than 30,000 gallons of diesel a year. The company recently added eight additional propane autogas-fueled buses for the start of the 2017-2018 school year.

“We decided to make the switch to propane-powered buses last year, and we could not be happier,” says Mitch Gunther, owner of MBG Enterprise. “The simplicity of fueling and the expertise Sharp Energy has in their infrastructure is fantastic. Their customer support is second to none [and is] another reason we decided to procure more propane buses this year. I look forward to working with Sharp Energy for years to come as we transition our school bus fleet.”

Sharp Energy says substantial economic savings are achieved through fuel and maintenance cost savings. Historically, customers that have converted vehicles to propane autogas have saved $1.00 or more on each gallon of propane as compared to gasoline, the company says.

The propane retailer has a dozen autogas stations operating in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

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