SemaConnect Installing EV Chargers for the City of Vancouver


The City of Vancouver has selected SemaConnect Inc. to supply electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and management software as a part of the city's Public Green Kiosk Program.

SemaConnect's EV charging stations are Level II (240 V, 30 A) units that are paired with the company's SemaCharge Web-based management software. With SemaCharge, fleets and EV charger owners can manage time-of-use pricing via a built-in payment gateway, as well as see real-time electricity metering and manage EV driver usage.

‘The City of Vancouver has made tremendous strides to become a green city, and we are pleased to work with them on offering electric vehicle charging stations to make it easy for electric vehicle drivers to recharge,’ says Mark Pastrone, vice president of business development at SemaConnect.

City officials estimate that 50,000 EVs could be on the roads in Vancouver in less than 10 years.

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