SDTC Funding Boosts Ballard’s Fuel-Cell Hybrid Bus Initiative


Nonprofit group Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) has awarded Ballard Power Systems about $2 million to extend for one year a project that Ballard has been leading related to fuel cells for use in the transit bus market.

Ballard has spent the last three years designing and testing new sub-systems for its FCvelocity-HD6 power module product, which is currently deployed in 20 BC Transit fuel-cell hybrid buses. This R&D drew from an original SDTC grant totaling approximately $4.8 million.

‘These improvements in cost-effectiveness and performance of fuel-cell hybrid buses will make them more accessible to public transit authorities in Canada,’ explains Dr. Vicky Sharpe, president and CEO of SDTC. ‘Since heavy-duty diesel vehicles account for almost half of greenhouse gas emissions emanating from Canada's roads, cleaner buses can be a significant help in improving air quality.’

Ballard will focus on standardization of certain product components and optimization of the power module's balance-of-plant and control systems in order to further reduce costs, as well as improve the manufacturability of the FCvelocity-HD6. The project will continue through October.

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