SAE International Researches Efficient Methods for Wireless EV Charging


SAE International has published two new documents that give electric vehicles (EVs) a safe and efficient method for transferring power from a charging station to a vehicle. 

“The publication of these two SAE wireless charging and communications documents, SAE J2954 and SAE J2847/6, are the result of countless hours of work from SAE task forces and industry to offer confidence in the safety and interoperability of these technologies as we approach commercialization,” says Jack Pokrzywa, director of global ground vehicle standards at SAE International. “We are grateful for all of the significant contributions from technology providers, automotive industry manufacturers, government agencies and regulatory bodies that enabled the successful establishment of the standard.”

SAE J2954 establishes the first standard for wireless power transfer for both EVs and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). This enables light-duty EVs and infrastructure to safely charge up to 11 kW, over an air gap of 10 inches (250 mm) achieving up to 94% efficiency.

Under SAE International leadership, a number of companies created a cooperative research project (CRP) with industry funding for both bench and vehicle testing. The standard has been validated for safety, interoperability and performance based on years of actual bench testing and vehicle interoperable data taken from the SAE WPT CRP Industry Group, American Association of Medical Instrumentation, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and with the U.S. Department of Energy.

For more information on SAE J2954, click here.

For more information on SAE J2847/6, click here.

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