Ronn Motor Group Selects commerTECH for Technology, Telematics and Infrastructure


RONN Motor Group says it has selected commerTECH to exclusively create and manage the software development for its hydrogen fuel-cell medium-duty trucks globally.

commerTECH is a global software and IT firm that builds customized solutions within the automotive, healthcare, banking and nutraceutical industries. 

“We selected commerTECH based on their team’s extensive experience in the automotive industry that spans more than two decades and includes every aspect of what we need from telematics to catalog to warranty and in-vehicle communications,” says Ronn Ford, CEO and founder, RONN Motor Group. 

Hydrogen fuel cell electric delivery vehicles will offer a unique zero-emission solution to fleets and logistics customers, according to RONN Motor Group. The trucks will travel more than 300 miles on a single fueling with hydrogen storage of approximately 40 kg. A second storage option will allow for a range of 500 plus miles.

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