Revoy EV Quickly Converts Diesel Trucks into Hybrids


Revoy has launched the Revoy EV, an add-on for fleets that enables an easy transition to full electric vehicle without alterations to trucks or trailers.

Pioneering a new sector of commercial trucking EV solutions, Revoy’s technology improves fuel efficiency from 6–8 mpg to 20–35 mpg or more, representing a 70% to more than 90% reduction in emissions, the company says. Economically, adding a Revoy EV to a tractor enables companies to save thousands of dollars in fuel per truck annually, inclusive of the company’s fees.

Currently, commercial trucks and fleets account for 6.7% of all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the U.S. Revoy is helping to reduce this and propel businesses toward net-zero goals. Revoy EVs are on the road now and are expanding to more areas in 2024.

“The current approach of wholly replacing diesel engines with batteries and electric motors is too abrupt of a transition for such a critical and underappreciated part of our economy,” says Ian Rust, CEO and founder of Revoy. “EV tractors are more expensive to purchase and recharge compared with diesel, and no driver can spare the time to stop and charge for hours. Luxury passenger vehicles are not engineered to generate ROI and depreciate quickly. Making commercial vehicles the same way poses a risk to any fleet that adopts them.

“Revoy has engineered an electric commercial vehicle that is built as an asset first,” says Rust. “The entire vehicle is swappable in under five minutes, so no waiting on a charge, and can operate on any trucker’s existing vehicle with no modifications.”

The company handles all infrastructure and charging, and its adaptable technology allows truckers to drive up to 235 miles on electric power using a 525 kWh LFP battery pack. The process is simple: trucks visit a Revoy swap station, where an attendant swaps the Revoy EV while the driver relaxes in the truck or shops inside.

Revoy’s EV technology addresses the sustainability and competitive business needs of trucking fleets and companies through:

  • Dramatic mpg improvement — At 235 miles of range, Revoy can take a 6–8 mpg truck to 20–35+ mpg. At a shorter range, for example 150 miles, mpg can exceed 30–40 mpg.
  • Electric range extension on electric trucks — Revoy allows truckers to drive up to 235 miles on electric power using a 525 kWh LFP battery pack, and “recharging” is rapid with a Revoy swap. Long charges or battery-destroying fast charges are no longer necessary. An 800 kWh long-range version will be coming out in May 2024.
  • No time wasted on the road — Revoy EVs instantly convert any diesel truck into a hybrid, easily attaching to the fifthwheel automatically. Truckers can swap at an available station for a fresh battery in less than five minutes, which is 90% faster than traditional EV charging.
  • Zero payload impact —Trucks encountering loads that are too heavy to accept the extra battery weight can revert to diesel in minutes by dropping the Revoy EV.
  • Compliant with length laws — The Revoy EV requires no additional CDL endorsements and is compliant with all length restrictions on the national highway network.
  • Safety features built into every vehicle — Revoy offers intelligent auto-correction to prevent rollovers, flipping and jackknifing. The Revoy EV has an extra set of brakes to automatically engage more stopping power when driving down mountains. Also offered are blind spot detection and automatic reversing with intelligent computing from a series of sensors with notifications through Revoy’s mobile app.
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