Report Highlights Role of Utilities in EV Deployment


The Center for American Progress has released a report offering recommendations on how electric utilities can contribute to the affordability and adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), as the U.S. continues to strive to meet climate goals.

“The advancement of electric vehicle technology is making widespread adoption of EVs compatible with the market,” says Myriam Alexander Kearns, research associate and co-author of the report.

“This will undoubtedly affect electric utility companies as more and more people choose to bypass the pump and, instead, plug in their cars. Utility companies have an opportunity to use their current presence in nearly every home and business in the country to incentivize EV ownership, particularly for low-income and underserved areas. This will bring the United States closer to meeting its goals to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.”

The report recommends that electric utilities do the following:

  • Starting with pilot programs, invest in a public charging infrastructure in their service areas to complement the private sector’s investment in this area;
  • Offer cheaper time-of-use rates to encourage EV owners to charge during low-demand times, and identify ways to offer EV owners electricity generated from renewable or zero-carbon energy sources; and
  • Expand charging access to low-income areas and multifamily residences, and encourage state policymakers to offer point-of-sale rebates for residents in these areas to make the cars a more affordable option.

To read the full report, click here.

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