Raven SR, Cap Clean Partner for Renewable Diesel Production


Raven SR Inc., a renewable fuels company, and Cap Clean Energy Corp., a clean energy development company, are partnering to co-develop biofuels facilities in Canada that will produce renewable diesel for the heavy-duty transportation sector.

The partnership, which will also enable the production of sustainable aviation fuel, will allow Cap Clean to produce high-quality renewable fuels from various biomass and biowaste feedstocks for the transportation sector using modular systems capable of rapid production scale-up. By converting various types of wastes, such as biomass waste, municipal solid waste, organic waste and methane from municipal solid waste into clean fuels, Raven SR offers a sustainable solution for the reliable and long-term production of renewable fuels, the company says.

The Raven SR technology is a non-combustion thermal, chemical reductive process that converts organic waste and landfill gas to hydrogen and Fischer-Tropsch synthetic fuels. Unlike other hydrogen production technologies, its Steam/CO2 Reformation does not require fresh water as a feedstock. The process is more efficient than conventional hydrogen production and can deliver fuel with low to negative carbon intensity, the company notes.

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