Quantron, Ballard Now Delivering Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles


Quantron AG, a specialist in sustainable passenger and freight transportation, and Ballard Power Systems have delivered their first fuel-cell electric vehicles, combining QUANTRON’s vehicle engineering expertise with Ballard’s hydrogen fuel cell technology.

The core of the Canadian-German partnership is the integration of Ballard’s FCmove fuel cell modules in Quantron vehicles. These include the 44-ton Quantron QHM FCEV heavy-duty truck and the Quantron QLI FCEV light truck. Both zero-emission vehicles feature significantly longer range and shorter refueling time compared to battery-electric models.

A notable feature of Quantron’s design is the complete integration of all fuel cell components into the frame structure, meaning no compromises have to be made in terms of trailer length and payload, as well as allowing standard bodybuilder build-up structures as in diesel counterparts.

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