Puerto Rico Deploys Beam Global EV Charging Systems for Disaster Preparedness


Puerto Rico has begun deployment of Beam Global’s EV ARC off-grid electric vehicle (EV) charging systems to charge government fleet vehicles and aid in disaster preparedness and energy resiliency. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is funding the EV ARC systems to provide 100% solar-powered off-grid EV charging and emergency power in the face of increasing natural disasters and grid outages.

The systems are purchased through the General Services Administration (GSA) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Contract Number 47QSWA21D0006 which simplifies the federal procurement process and ensures best pricing; advantages which can be extended to many state and local government agencies when used for disaster recovery or preparedness purposes.

Beam EV ARC systems are off-grid and powered by renewable energy, generating and storing their own clean electricity. Each system is deployed without construction, electrical work or utility connections, and is delivered as a turnkey sustainable system that is rapidly deployed and can be moved. Because EV ARC systems are flood proof to 9.5 feet and wind rated to 125 mph, and have survived much higher wind speeds in the field, they are particularly well suited to provide disaster preparedness in environments like Puerto Rico.

“Governments and companies are becoming increasingly reliant on electricity for fuel as the adoption of EVs is rapidly accelerating. Our products get them the charging infrastructure they need rapidly and scalably, and importantly we provide a source of fuel for their EVs which continues to operate during blackouts,” says Desmond Wheatley, CEO at Beam Global. “The increasing frequency and intensity of natural disasters calls for heightened disaster preparedness. Beam products are designed and engineered to perform in extreme conditions.”

“There is an increasing recognition that 25 percent of EV charging infrastructure should be off-grid so that it continues to operate during centralized grid failure,” continues Wheatley. “These Puerto Rico deployments are an excellent example of the steps the U.S. government is making to provide the beginnings of a strategic electric reserve (SES) to match our Strategic Patroleum Reserve.”

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