Propel Fuels Brings Flex Fuel E85 to Northwest at Road Warrior Travel Center


Low-carbon fuel retailer Propel Fuels has opened the company’s first Flex Fuel E85 station in Washington state, partnering with the Road Warrior Travel Center to introduce a new low-cost, high-performance fuel choice to the Yakima Valley.

Propel and Road Warrior are celebrating the availability of Flex Fuel E85 with a $1.85/gallon event April 11-12 at the Road Warrior Travel Center at 229 Lateral A Road between Yakima and Wapato on Highway 97.

A leading E85 retailer with a network of low-carbon fuel stations in California, Propel is now connecting consumers to better fuels in the Pacific Northwest. Beginning in Yakima Valley, Propel is expanding access for Washington drivers to Propel Flex Fuel E85, which is compatible with all Flex Fuel vehicles and can be used interchangeably with gasoline. Drivers can check if their vehicle can use Flex Fuel E85 at

E85 is the fastest-growing fuel in California, according to the Renewable Fuel Association (RFA). Produced in the U.S., ethanol has 44% to 52% lower greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline, according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory.

“Our team is thankful for the opportunity to bring affordable, low-carbon fuels to the drivers of Washington state,” says Rob Elam, CEO of Propel. “We are working with Road Warrior and members of the Yakama Nation to bring customers fuels that provide better value and higher performance, while honoring our natural environment. We’re happy to be back home in Washington, where our company was founded almost 20 years ago, bringing the best clean fuels to customers while promoting sustainability and supporting local economies.”

Propel has re-entered Washington state to provide solutions for the state’s recently implemented Clean Fuel Standard (CFS). Washington’s CFS provides a boost to the low-carbon transition, creating a market for carbon reductions generated by the fuels. Propel’s wholesale supply program is a streamlined way for station owners in Washington to add new fuel choices and customers to their stations, increase a station’s fuel volume, and bring more customers to convenience stores.

The company has opened an office in White Salmon, Wash., and plans to continue expanding its partnerships with regional station owners to improve access to fast-growing low-carbon fuels.

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