PowerTap, Cryotek Partner on Hydrogen Filling Stations


Clean Power Capital Corp.’s 90% owned subsidiary – PowerTap Hydrogen Fueling Corp. – has partnered with Cryotek pursuant to an eight-month contract to provide engineering and design for the next-generation PowerTap hydrogen filling stations, which are planned to be deployed across North America starting in 2021. 

“PowerTap is excited to work with Cryotek as our engineering and design partner to commercialize the next generation of PowerTap hydrogen filling stations,” says Raghu Kilambi, CEO of PowerTap Hydrogen Fueling Corp. “Cody Bateman and his engineering team are the ideal partner for PowerTap as we plan our aggressive rollout of hydrogen filling stations commencing in 2021.”

The major advantage of this new technology over other hydrogen filling station systems is the small physical footprint for onsite hydrogen production and storage (700 sq. ft). PowerTap modular stations are fabricated at a central manufacturing center and delivered to existing gas stations to augment their product offering. 

Each hydrogen station is fully operational within two weeks of delivery. Most existing U.S. hydrogen filling stations must have their hydrogen delivered at higher costs than PowerTap’s onsite hydrogen production cost. PowerTap’s hydrogen filling stations are currently located in private enterprises and public stations in California, Texas, Massachusetts and Maryland.

Hydrogen powered vehicles have major advantages over battery-electric, gas and diesel vehicles (driving range, quicker filling time and cost per mile). Billions of dollars’ worth of hydrogen long haul trucks and cars are expected on the market in next 2-4 years from incumbents and upstarts. Hydrogen-powered vehicles generate electrical power in a fuel cell, emitting only water vapor and warm air.

The engineering design of the PowerTap hydrogen filling stations will include:

  • Next-generation PowerTap onsite steam methane reformer (SMR) solution capable of producing 1,000 kg+ per day
  • Gaseous and liquid hydrogen storage solutions capable of 1,000 kg+ or more per day
  • CO2 capture solutions
  • Advanced hydrogen dispensing unit 

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