Plug Power Introduces New Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology


Plug Power Inc. has developed the GenDrive 1900 fuel cell, designed to serve as a drop-in replacement for lead-acid batteries on six-ton-capacity, four-wheel, Class 1 counterbalanced forklift trucks.

The new fuel cell is the company's first to feature an optional second hydrogen tank, to double the fuel capacity. With both tanks installed, the fuel cell can store up to 3.4 kg of hydrogen, with an energy capacity of 50 kWh. Capable of a constant power output of 14 kW, the fuel cell delivers more than eight hours of run time, which is 50% more than a conventional battery, in this application. The GenDrive 1900 has a refill time of two minutes.

The GenDrive 1900 runs at the same operating pressure as the company's other Series 1000 products, which helps to simplify hydrogen infrastructure. It also features a system controller that enables the operator to monitor and communicate fuel cell stack and system performance to optimize output, provide information for planned maintenance and reduce total cost of ownership.

Plug Power says the new GenDrive 1900 will start customer trials in the third quarter.

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