Plug Power, BAE Systems Partnership Supplying Hydrogen-Powered Electric Buses


Plug Power Inc. and BAE Systems are collaborating to supply zero-emission powertrains to heavy-duty transit bus OEMs in North America integrating Plug Power’s ProGen fuel cell engines into BAE Systems’ smart electric drive systems, as well as to provide hydrogen and refueling infrastructure to end customers.

Through this all-inclusive strategic partnership, the companies say they are advancing a total solution for hydrogen-powered electric buses which promises to accelerate the adoption of zero-emissions transit across the region.

“We’re excited to work with BAE Systems to bring the benefits of green hydrogen to transit systems in North America,” says Andy Marsh, CEO of  Plug Power. “This strategic partnership will play an instrumental role in advancing our on-road applications strategy and delivering new growth opportunities that help meet our year-end 2025 goals, including annual production of 500 tons of green hydrogen daily.”

Fuel cell electric vehicles are increasingly recognized as a competitive mobility solution for urban transport networks, given hydrogen’s unique value proposition for high utilization vehicles. Hydrogen-electric powertrains enable transit fleets to operate cleanly, quietly and efficiently at extended ranges over battery-electric vehicles and have the lowest cost of ownership. Unlike electric trams or EVs, which require extensive route infrastructure, hydrogen fuel cell buses can quickly refuel in existing city fleet facilities equipped with hydrogen dispensers.

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Stephen Lund
Stephen Lund
2 years ago

“Hydrogen Delivery” is the critical element to transformation to Hydrogen Power. “Cenralized” vs. “De-Centralized” hydrogen delivery will provide the answer. “Centralized” Green Hydrogen comes from wind/solar/hydro electric production with “on site” electrolysis to produce Green Hydrogen. It requires new and massive infrastructure for the storage and transport of hydrogen because the present natural gas pipeline is unsafe to deliver pure hydrogen. “De-Centralized” Green Hydrogen is the system used by HyGEAR. RNG is delivered to the “on site” HyGEAR unit at the end user filling station or industrial user of hydrogen. The HyGEAR unit converts the RNG to Green Hydrogen on… Read more »