Peterbilt Launches Online Tool for Prospective EV Customers


Peterbilt Motors Co., a U.S.-based truck manufacturer, has introduced an EV Operating Cost Calculator for prospective Peterbilt electric vehicle (EV) customers.

The operating cost calculator is a tool for customers to evaluate the total cost of ownership of a Peterbilt Model 220EV, 520EV or 579EV on a per mile (on-highway applications) or per hour basis (vocational applications). Peterbilt notes the user-friendly interface delivers an accurate side-by-side comparison to help customers understand the real-world savings and financial benefits of Peterbilt electric models.

“The number one question we get asked by customers interested in our EVs always revolves around the operating cost,” says Robert Woodall, assistant general manager of sales and marketing at Peterbilt. “Our new EV Operating Cost Calculator answers this question, making it easier than ever to evaluate if adding EVs to your fleet is right for your business.”

The calculator compares power consumption and fuel costs between electric and diesel vehicles for multiple configurations. Customers can choose between using the slider functionality or directly input their data for key variables such as mileage per year, electricity cost, vehicle price, charging stations, rebates, and other expenses such as annual maintenance and insurance. The calculator automatically populates the costs as users complete each section and provides a detailed summary once complete that outlines total electric costs and operating cost per vehicle.

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