Pedigree Integration of iQ-Pilot Aimed at Boosting Class 8 Fuel Economy


Pedigree Technologies, a provider of telematics and IoT solutions, has integrated Traxen’s iQ-Pilot into its suite of Cab-Mate ELD electronic logging device solutions for Canada and the U.S.

iQ-Pilot is an AI-driven cruise control technology that reduces highway fuel consumption by an average of 10% for Class 7 and 8 trucks. The system utilizes perception sensors such as radars, high-definition maps, GPS, over-the-air data and artificial intelligence to automatically control the speed of an on-highway heavy-duty truck. The AI software optimizes the truck velocity in response to traffic, grades, curves, speed limit changes, weather conditions, and other factors to significantly reduce fuel consumption or increase EV range.

“iQ-Pilot is a connected-adaptive-predictive powertrain control system on steroids,” says Ali Maleki, founder and CEO of Traxen. “It not only manages acceleration, coasting, engine braking, and gear optimization, but uses GPS location to consider speed limits, gradients, and real-time data like road conditions, traffic, weather and drivers’ hours of service.”

John Elsner, Pedigree Technologies’ CEO, adds, “Integrating advanced technology like Traxen’s iQ-Pilot into our Cab-Mate ELD platform is a further demonstration of our mission to seek out and add new, more effective technologies to serve our heartland customers.”

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