Partners Unveil New Bi-Fuel CNG System for GM Crossovers


AGA Systems LLC and Nat G CNG Solutions have announced a bi-fuel compressed natural gas (CNG) system for two of GM's crossover vehicles: the GMC Terrain and Chevrolet Equinox. The product was developed in partnership with Houston-based Silver Eagle Distributing, which will be adding about 100 of the bi-fuel vehicles to its fleet.

‘Silver Eagle has a longstanding commitment to cleaner fuels and is a leader in the use of natural gas in its fleet,’ says Ed Pritchard, senior vice president of Silver Eagle Distributing. ‘When we were seeking a clean fuel solution for our new fleet of GMC Terrains, we turned to Nat G Solutions and AGA Systems to help us develop a system that would meet the needs of our marketing staff.’

Bob Lukefahr, co-CEO of Nat G CNG Solutions, notes, “We have developed both a passenger version of the GM crossover that seats five, and a cargo version that offers extended range and an enhanced cargo area.”

According to the companies, the bi-fuel CNG system can be installed on new and in-service 2013 and 2014 model GMC Terrain and Chevrolet Equinox crossover vehicles. They feature a total highway range of 775 miles for the passenger version and 837 miles for the cargo version (combined CNG and gasoline). The new system is rated at 31 mpg highway on CNG, the companies add.
Nat G CNG Solutions has already begun delivering vehicles to Silver Eagle for testing and expects to begin full production of the new Terrain cargo version in December. At this time, the Terrain/Equinox bi-fuel CNG upgrade is available exclusively through Nat G in Texas and Louisiana. AGA Systems expects to make the new system available through its installer network in other parts of the U.S. beginning early next year.

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