Companies Developing Chargers for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles


Ozop Energy Solutions, a company that invents, designs, develops, manufactures and distributes chargers, inverters and power supplies, says its fully owned subsidiary, Power Conversion Technologies Inc. (PCTI), has entered into a partnership with Zeem Solutions to work on charging solutions to address the medium- and heavy-duty commercial electric vehicle (CEV) market.

“We are excited about this relationship with Zeem Solutions and look forward to working with their team to increase our presence in the burgeoning electric vehicle (EV) fleet charging industry,” says Brian Conway, CEO of Ozop. “Ozop Energy/PCTI is positioned to take the technology and engineering challenges confronted by companies like Zeem head-on. This relationship opens the door further into the CEV fleet market and should make a substantial contribution to our bottom-line for years to come.”

Zeem Solutions, a company that provides e-mobility logistics solutions for small-, medium- and large-fleet operators across the U.S. is developing new approaches to accelerate adoption in the CEV fleet sector. They offer plug and play solutions for last-mile delivery which is the movement of people and/or goods from a transportation hub to a final destination. Their packages include the e-vehicles, maintenance, charging and overnight parking infrastructure for one monthly cost.

Last-mile delivery sectors include pharmaceutical or medical device home delivery; rideshare services like ACCESS; custodial/housekeeping services; roadside assistance; contractors like plumbers, roofers, carpenters or electricians; HV/AC repair; building maintenance/facilities; and government operations, including meter readers, animal control and libraries.

Zeem says it is building a comprehensive zero-emission solution for people movers and last-mile delivery fleets who do not have the infrastructure to convert to e-vehicles. Their need for high powered charging solutions for large fleets of vehicles demands unique engineering solutions that tie together our electrified future. PCTI says this technology development with Zeem is a great example of how it can leverage its existing IP portfolio in high-capacity solutions to address the larger power requirements of electric medium- and heavy-duty fleets.

For more information on PCTI, click here.

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