Orange EV and Kalmar Ottawa Partner on Electric Terminal Tractors


Missouri-based Orange EV has announced it is collaborating with manufacturer Kalmar Ottawa to develop all-electric versions of the new Kalmar Ottawa T2 terminal tractors using Orange EV's technology.

Orange EV offers its T-Series retrofit solution whereby the company converts existing diesel-powered terminal trucks to pure electric, replacing the powertrain and control systems. This conversion approach recycles and reuses the chassis and other durable components.

In the future, Kalmar Ottawa customers could have the option to order a brand-new electric T2 tractor equipped with an electric powertrain and other systems engineered by Orange EV.

“We are excited about the experience our two companies bring to bear on freight logistics,” says Wayne Mathisen, CEO of Orange EV. “Orange EV's initial offering has been well received by the market. The T-Series, a remanufactured solution which gives operators “a new truck they already know,' has repeatedly proven it can do the job supporting 24/7 operations, cost effectively and with zero emissions. The opportunity to work with industry leader Kalmar Ottawa will enable Orange EV to accelerate adoption of electric terminal tractors.’

“With the increasing demand for cleaner, more efficient trailer spotting at distribution centers, freight yards and ports, aligning ourselves with a company like Orange EV was the logical progression for Kalmar Ottawa. The opportunity to blend our two products and distribution networks is a win-win,” adds Dave Wood, a vice president of sales and marketing for Kalmar Ottawa.

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