Ohio Firm Now Offering NGV Compressed Natural Gas System Inspections


Ohio-based TW Infrared & Energy Services says it is now certified to provide compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel system inspections for natural gas vehicles (NGVs). The company also focuses on performing NGV conversions, as well as CNG refueling infrastructure installation and maintenance.

TW is certified according to CSA International guidelines, and its technicians received training for the certification process through AFV International LLC. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) mandates that all NGVs be inspected every three years/36,000 miles (or anytime an NGV is exposed to fire or is involved in an accident), and TW's inspections cover these requirements by examining all high-pressure components, such as the CNG cylinder, valves and pressure relief devices.

For more information about the company's services, contact Tanner Wilson at (740) 252-1423 or tanner@twenergyservices.com.

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