Lawmakers Introduce the EV MAP Act to the House


U.S. Reps. Tom O’Halleran and Michael C. Burgess have introduced H.R. 8807 – the Electric Vehicle Mobility Area Planning Act (EV MAP Act)

The bill would create a $10 million grant program to assist localities and electric utilities in identifying the locations for EV charging stations in their communities.

“As our transportation sector evolves – with several automated car manufacturing facilities already contributing to the economy of our growing state – we must ensure that long-overlooked areas and rural districts are not left behind,” says O’Halleran. “Our bill ensures that both communities and the private sector can identify priority areas to make the best investments in the EV industry. This growing market is taking action to lower emissions and combat climate change while bolstering our transportation economy and opening up new, good-paying jobs for Arizonans.”

O’Halleran and Burgess’ legislation will assist communities in saving money on transportation costs, reducing environmental impacts from tailpipe emissions and gaining access to new transportation technology by providing consumers and developers better, data-driven, more publicly accessible information – allowing them to make the best planning and investment decisions for their individual needs, and creating new, American manufacturing jobs in the process.

To access the full text of the EV MAP Act, click here.

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Stephen Lund
Stephen Lund
3 years ago

Total Electrification of Transportation is not the best way to make the transfer from diesel to Renewable Energy. Renewable Natural Gas produced from organic waste is non-fossil, renewable, no fracking, and is the only Negative Carbon Low Emission Fuel. This is an excellent article. Commentary: Electrify A Lot … But Not Everything | BioCycle Government must get behind Renewable Natural Gas as the replacement fuel for diesel, especially in high horsepower engines.