Oasis Unveils the CNG Ultra Fast Fill System


Oasis Engineering Ltd. has designed a new compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling platform, called the Ultra Fast Fill System, that incorporates a variety of Oasis products to deliver the ‘ultra-fast transfer of CNG from storage, through dispenser, to the waiting truck.’

The new system uses Oasis equipment such as tank-head and ball valves, manifolds, breakaways and filling nozzles.

‘With the UFF system, the CNG filling experience becomes much more like a conventional fuel-filling experience,’ says Andy Cameron, managing director of Oasis. ‘Cooler, smoother gas flow means more efficient filling, and this is what vehicle owners need to make CNG work for them.’

Integration of the Ultra Fast Fill System begins downstream from the CNG compressor, with high-pressure components such as Oasis' EC100 electrical isolating couplers, and Oasis ball, check and tank-head valves paired with best-of breed CNG-storage cylinders. Customers' CNG dispensers of choice are integrated with equipment such as breakaway couplers (Oasis BC100 series) and fill valves (FV100 series).

For more information about Oasis' new Ultra Fast Fill System, contact Meredith Webber via email at meredith@oasisngv.com.

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