NYCT Adopts Allison Transmission Electric Propulsion Solution


Allison Transmission says the eGen Flex – its next-generation electric hybrid propulsion solution – will be put into revenue service at New York City Transit (NYCT) in May.

The eGen Flex system includes full electric drive capability for up to 10 miles depending upon duty cycle and accessory load demands. This option will be set automatically through geofencing technology for zero-emission zones and passenger depots for a quieter and cleaner environment.

Allison’s system is capable of improving fuel economy by up to 25% versus a conventional clean diesel bus and has the ability to operate accessories such as air conditioning and electric heat at optimal efficiency with clean electric power. Moving these accessories to electric power reduces the strain on the engine – reducing fuel consumption and maintenance costs over the vehicle’s lifetime. This also reduces dependence on fossil fuels at the pump, while delivering increased uptime.

“Our electric hybrid systems continue to demonstrate bottom-line operating benefits for municipalities and fleets while delivering reliability and durability,” says Rohan Barua, vice president of North American sales at Allison Transmission. “There are currently 2,500 NYCT buses equipped with Allison transmissions and electric hybrid propulsion solutions, and we look forward to continuing our longstanding relationship with the authority as it transitions to our latest technology.”

As the largest public transportation agency in North America, NYCT currently operates more than 5,700 buses. Approximately 2.2 million residents rely on the bus system each weekday to commute to work, travel to school and access other essential services. NYCT is collaborating with Allison to put the eGen Flex electric hybrid system into revenue service to advance sustainable technologies that will improve their environmental footprint, reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and provide a better experience to their ridership.

Allison Transmission says the eGen Flex allows transit fleets to evaluate electric capability and their electric range needs while still having the resiliency of a diesel range extender whether needed for longer routes, route flexibility, unplanned congestion on routes or an inability to recharge due to power grid challenges. 

For more information on the eGen Flex, click here.

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