Nuvve, Switch Integrate V2G and EV Charging Platforms to Optimize Fleet Operations


Nuvve Holding Corp., a global cleantech company with patented V2G technology and services, and Switch, an electric charging management and maintenance software company, are integrating Nuvve’s vehicle-to-grid (V2G) GIVe platform with Switch’s charging management platform for operations and maintenance (O&M). This integration will improve interoperability among electrified transportation components: charging stations, electric vehicles (EV) and the grid. Integration between the companies is scheduled to be completed by late Q1 2023.

“Combining Nuvve’s technology with the Switch platform will enable our current users to add the world’s leading energy management solution while optimizing fleet performance and increasing V2G adoption – thus reducing the total cost of electric vehicle ownership,” says Dr. Marc Mültin, founder and CEO at Switch. “Our aim is to make charging infrastructure software platforms work together seamlessly.”

Switch’s cloud platform, built on an OCPP 2.0.1 and ISO 15118-enabled operating system, is fully native to future-proof capabilities like Plug & Charge, V1G and V2G. It delivers predictive maintenance through granular insights into each EV charger component for 100% uptime and seamless EV charging. Nuvve’s GIVe platform is an energy aggregation management software, which includes V2G and bidirectional “smart” charging capabilities. When Nuvve’s platform is combined with the Switch platform, charge point operators will experience improved interoperability with the seamless combination of energy aggregation management, remote diagnostics, troubleshooting and predictive maintenance all on a single operating system.

Prior to the official strategic investment, Nuvve has been collaborating with Switch for three years on ISO 15118 and OCPP in an effort to work towards standardized, interoperable charging solutions.

“Building on years of fruitful collaboration, our partnership with Switch will allow remote monitoring and management of EV chargers through Switch’s platform,” states Hamza Lemsaddek, director of embedded solutions at Nuvve. “Any issue detected can be handled through automated processes before users even realize their occurrence. Together, a turnkey EV infrastructure management solution is born.”

Additionally, Switch brings new EV charger OEM relationships to the growing Nuvve ecosystem. This allows Nuvve to quickly expand and assimilate more chargers into its network and provide customers a range of smart charging and V2G solutions.

“Rather than establishing charging station partnerships alone, we now have a way to coordinate efforts with a vertically-integrated EV technology solution through Switch,” comments Gregory Poilasne, co-founder and CEO of Nuvve. “This new partnership will help expedite the integration of Nuvve’s patented V2G software into more charging systems around the world as an additional avenue to increase our megawatts under management.”

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