NovaCHARGE Deploys 100 EV Charging Stations, Electrifying Orlando


NovaCHARGE, a manufacturer and integrator of electric vehicle (EV) hardware and cloud software, has teamed with Orlando, Fla., and the Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) to deploy 100 networked EV charging stations in the city.

The city and OUC drafted a plan last summer to bring 100 EV charging stations to 33 neighborhood locations across the city’s six council districts. Based on its experience implementing systems for municipalities and major brands such as Hilton, Tesla and Whole Foods, the city selected NovaCHARGE to manage the planning, technical design and delivery of the EV charging platform.

NovaCHARGE, as the prime contractor, worked closely with OUC engineers and city inspectors to deliver the project ahead of schedule during the global COVID-19 pandemic for the city’s immediate needs and future expansion. NovaCHARGE managed all aspects of network configuration, startup and power management setup, which required advanced technical design and large-scale project management services. The diverse portfolio of EV charging hardware used for this implementation NovaCHARGE connected and deployed over a software cloud for ease of monitoring and management.

“Our mission is to deliver cost-effective deployments in tough commercial environments throughout North America,” says Helda Rodriguez, president of NovaCHARGE. “However, after developing hundreds of large-scale installations, we enjoyed taking on a local project to help our company’s hometown move toward a more sustainable future.”

After more than a year of design, planning and coordination, NovaCHARGE joined the city and OUC to unveil the new Orlando EV charging network during a recent media event.

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