NGVi Certifies 1,000 Inspectors


Natural Gas Vehicle Inst. (NGVi) says it has certified more than 1,000 CNG fuel system inspectors since the program was launched in late 2016. 

This represents ten times the number of inspectors certified just three years ago and is comprised of representatives from 51 transit agencies, 28 refuse companies, 25 trucking companies, 46 municipal fleets, as well as those from numerous school districts, cylinder manufacturers, truck manufacturers and dealers.

“We are thrilled to see this growing commitment to ensuring fleet safety,” says Annalloyd Thomason, vice president and general manager of NGVi. “NGVi CNG Fuel System Inspector Certification is an important verification of the technician’s qualifications and competence, and a recognized hallmark of best practices in risk mitigation for the operation of CNG powered vehicles. The large interest in our program clearly signifies that companies recognize the importance of having their technicians certified.”

Qualified CNG fuel system inspectors must be able to thoroughly examine all components of the CNG fuel system, correctly identify and determine the extent or significance of any discovered damage and clearly understand and prescribe what actions must be taken. They also must have sufficient knowledge of all applicable codes and standards governing CNG fuel system installation and CNG fuel system components, as well as be able to interpret and apply them in the inspection process.

“On-the-job applicability and practicality are the main attributes of any certification program. Right from the start, we specifically focused on creating a rigorous certification that assesses in detail the knowledge and skills technicians must apply during an actual inspection,” adds Thomason. “Because the repercussions of improper installation or undetected external damage to the CNG fuel system can be serious and dangerous, it’s imperative that organizations ensure their CNG fuel system inspectors are 100% qualified for the job. We are proud to provide them with an assessment tool adding that extra layer of assurance.”

The NGVi CNG Fuel System Inspector Certification program is administered independently from the company training programs. The certification is valid for five years. Participants who pass the exam are designated as NGVi-Certified CNG Fuel System Inspectors. They receive a certificate number, identification card and a certification document.

Photo: NGVi staff training CNG inspectors

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