NGVi Available to Bring CNG Training to Your Facility


The Natural Gas Vehicle Institute (NGVi) says it is now offering a program whereby the organization will conduct on-site coursework for fleets that have 10 or more employees who need natural gas vehicle or fueling station training.

Fleets that opt for in-facility training can choose the dates and times that meet their needs, as well as take advantage of customized instruction tailored to employees' backgrounds and the composition of the fleet. CSA- and ASE-certified instructors handle all of the NGVi's training classes.

The organization's core programs include the following: NGV Technician and Fleet Operations Safety Training; CNG Fuel System Inspector Training; CNG Fueling Station Operation and Maintenance Training; and CNG Fueling Station Design Training.

For more information about in-house programs, call (800) 510-6484 orsend an email to

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