NGVAmerica Launches NGV Podcast


NGVAmerica has launched a new podcast designed to discuss the past, present and future of natural gas vehicles. 

NGVAmerica is a national organization of over 200 companies, environmental groups and government organizations dedicated to the development of a growing, profitable and sustainable market for vehicles powered by natural gas or biomethane. NGVAmerica member companies produce, distribute and market natural gas and biomethane across North America, manufacture and service natural gas vehicles, engines and equipment, and operate fleets powered by clean-burning gaseous fuels.  

Titled ‘Fast Fill’ and hosted by Daniel J. Gage, president of NGVAmerica, the bi-weekly podcast will feature leaders in the natural gas industry to help educate those in and outside of the industry on the latest developments for NGVs. 

The inaugural episode features Jeffrey Clarke, general counsel and director of regulatory affairs at NGVAmerica. Clarke and Gage discuss renewable natural gas and the reports NGVAmerica released this year in partnership with the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas. The first detailed on-road natural gas motor fuel volumes for 2019 and the second focused on the market in California.

This episode and every new episode can be found here.

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